Finding week number of current date in current month in OBIEE


Reference to this post to which i gave reply, in OBIEE forums . 

question is: How to calculate the week of the current month. 

To be more clear if the date is: 1-aug-2009 then week is:1, if it’s 8-aug-2009 then week is: 2 .

Like this, the week number should be generated for given date column.

The solution is: use the CEILING(DAYOFMONTH(“D0 Time”.”T00 Calendar Date”)/7.00) functionality in OBIEE Answers


Note: Use 7.00, not just 7 in the denominator to make it act as Real number



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    • Guess this article is self-explanatory and doesn’t require any of screenshots. Tell me where you’re not comfortable. So that i can explain that part.

  1. hi all,
    i have created a prompt on ‘month_name’ but it is displayin in alphabetical order that i dont want, i want to display it like

    • There is sort order property in logical column general settings. You need to have yyyy/mm or period start dt/end dt which will be used for this sort under for month name

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