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Change ‘Go’ Button Name of OBIEE Dashboard Prompt


Today one question here.  How to change OBIEE dashboard prompt ‘Go’ button Name.

By default, prompt button name will appear as follows:

Go Button

Now Button Name Go has to change to desired Name

  • Navigate to {OracleBIDir}:\oraclebi\web\msgdb\l_en\messages
  • Open globalfiltermessages.xml file (before opening this file, you better take backup of this file)
  • Locate the following text

<WebMessage name="kmsgGFPGo"><TEXT>Go</TEXT></WebMessage>

  • Edit the text ‘Go’ to your desired text.
  • Here I am editing it to ‘Confirm’

<WebMessage name="kmsgGFPGo"><TEXT>Confirm</TEXT></WebMessage>

  • Save the changes to file
  • Restart Presentation service

See the change in text of dashboard prompt Go button, now it’s changed to Confirm button