Avoid running report for All Values on Dashboard when using Multi-select Prompt


I found this question many times in the forums.

While using Multi-select as prompt, run the report on Dashboard the report will run for all values initially. But customer’s requirement is: Not to show all the values before running but has to show some custom message, like; Select Prompt values first and Run the Report

One way is: With setting Default values which are not existed in db for prompts. Here, i am explaining the procedure when customer don’t want to see any default values for prompts and still want to see Custom Message before selecting any values from prompts.

Let’s say, your dashboard is containing these 2 objects, Multi-select prompt set and a Report.

So, in my case, there are few multi-select prompts as shown:

Multi-Slct Prmts

And, Report Criteria may look like:

Report Criteria

If you observe Filters part of Criteria, all prompts related to respective columns are set to “is prompted”

Dashboard shows all values in the report when you navigate to particular page containing those 2 Catalog objects (Prompts, and Report)

Instead of showing all values by default, we need to show some custom message which says user to select the prompt values and run the report.

Here is the work around:

1.  Build a report with only those columns used in Prompt set. In this example those are, “Prod Subcategory”, “County Region”, & “Calendar Year”. And it’s filter set should look like:

Changed Filter Set

Observe that, i set a filter condition on all columns to non-existed database values instead of “is prompted”, and used logical Operator OR.

2.  Save this report as Intermediate Report

3.  Click on Results Tab of this Request.

4.  Edit your “No Results” View to show the message initially when you click on particular page of dashboard. Write the message there.

No Results View

5. Save this report

6.  Build a dashboard in such a way that each section contains each catalog object related to this page. Section 1 contains multi-select prompt, Section 2 contains Original Report to be shown, and finally Section 3 contains Intermediate Report.

Edit Dashboard

7.  Mention Guided Navigation properties for Section 2 and Section 3. i.e. Guided Navigation using Conditional Sections type.

8.  Click on Properties of Section 2 then Guided Navigation… and browse the Intermediate Report.

Section 2 GNP

9.  Do the Same thing for Section 3 also. (FYI, here Source Request and Target requests are same). But this time, select if request returns nothing radio button.

Section 3 GNP

10.  Save the Dashboard and see the Results. You will be watching the No Results View Message initially here, instead of showing all values of report. (Here you have not selected any prompt value yet..)

Results on Dashboard2

Here, Source Request i.e. Intermediate Report doesn’t return any rows. So, Section 3 content will be shown on dashboard.

11.  Now, select any prompt value and Run the report. This time, Intermediate report filters are override by the prompt values and it returns some rows. So, Section 2 content i.e. original report will be appeared on dashboard

Note: This will not work in the following Case like, you have set some prompt values and run the report. Clear all the prompt values here and run the report, now it shows all values.

So, it works when and as you click on the particular Dashboard Page.

This can be done easily for prompts with drop-down control. I blog it too soon.. 🙂

Your’s Kishore..!!


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  2. Kishore,
    Nice blog.

    I think we can do the above said in a way without Guided navigation


    1) Create prompt & add required column.
    Change the Control as Multiselct & the Default to option as Specific Values & add specific value as ‘Please Select Values’


    2) Make a report with the metrics & make all the prompts columns as IS PROMPTED & add a No result view & Give some details on the no result view saying “please select data from the prompts & then run the report”


    Now when the dashboard is selected it will take the quote as input & the report will show the No result view & show message to user to select valid data from prompt.

    Pankaj Nakil.

    • Hi Pankaj,

      If you read the blog entry.. third paragraph itself says that “using default we can achieve this, but the procedure i explained is to not to use default values in prompt”. Actually in one of my requirement previously, we shouldn’t see any default values in prompt.. 🙂

      That’s reason the whole story..

      Anyhow, thanks for the comment

  3. Hi All, I am in the learner\beginner stage.

    I really wanted to appreciate the presentation. Awesome!!!

    We don’t have any other way to make a dashboard prompt is the mandatory for the dashboard?
    Just curious.

  4. Hi Kishore,

    This solution is indeed nice one.
    However I am seeing a note as “Note: This will not work in the following Case like, you have set some prompt values and run the report. Clear all the prompt values here and run the report, now it shows all values.”
    In my development project, that is exactly what is happening, that is if report ran for the mandetory parameter and then someone delete manually the mandetoru prompt values and rerun the report, it is giving the whole data dump. Is there any workaround for that? Please let me know

  5. Hi Kishore I exctly same thing what you said but the prompted values are not overwritten, even though I select some values in prompts it is still showing No results and giveng same old message. Should I do anything else ?

    • That procedure should work properly.. There might some problem with your presentation variable calling.. remember presentation variable is case-sensitive is what i observed. Or, problem with your guided navigational intermediate reports. To know where exactly is the problem, add intermediate reports also to your dashboard and check are you getting expected results or not..

      Kishore & Naresh

  6. The Intermediate report will always show no results because you are defaulting the filter.How will the value passed in the prompt pass to the intermediate report.Should we be using a presentation variable and default to the value instead of defaulting the filter directley.

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