Equivalent “Next_Day” Oracle’s functionality in OBIEE



There is equivalent functionality in OBIEE, for Next_Day function in Oracle. 

          There is a question too in Oracle forums by me. And, excellent answer by mma1709 (Sorry to say this, as i don’t know his name and that is what there in forums too)

Here it’s…

TIMESTAMPADD(SQL_TSI_DAY, ( 7 – dayofweek(Time.ActualDate) + X ), Time.ActualDate) 


X = 1 will be sunday. If you want tuesday it will be 3. In that way, X will be replaced by the number depends on the next dayname you want.


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  1. Hi kishore,
    can u plze explain me in detail about next_day function in obiee. actually, i had tried bt i was unable to retrieve the data.so, plze explain me in detail if possible.

    • I want you break the code into detail functions.. then try with each piece..
      Now, you can understand..

      Let me know if you have any doubtz…

  2. Hi Kishore,

    I have read your posts on Oracle Forum. Great work!
    But in this case, why not just TIMESTAMPADD(SQL_TSI_DAY, 1, Time.ActualDate)?

    • Refer next_day function exactly on what it does.. It will just not retrieve next day. For given parameter of day it will give the next date. Read more about Next_day function in oracle

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