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OBIEE 11g (11.1.1.x) is ready for download



first of all thanks to forum friends..

Most awaiting OBIEE 11g software is available on oracle site.

Here we go..!!

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OBIEE Cross Tab with missing cells data in database (or) Suppressing Null values in OBIEE Pivot


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Well, I’m using Pivot view to show some column values across in cross tab. And, some other column in rows part of pivot.

For column and rows combination if measure value present in database it shows, if not it displays blank value (null).

You can’t suppress this null even by using ifnull(measure, 0)

Work around I found:

This will not show zero, instead strikethrough (-), which is acceptable and meaningful.

Here we go..!!

  • Here is scenario based screenshot. Makred cells are null and no data in database for particular row & column combination values.

  • Go to column properties > Conditional Format of measure column
  • Add Action > Measure Column and add the following filter (isnull) as shown

  • In Edit Format window, select and apply Strikethrough from the Effects option dropdown.

  • Here is the result

Blanks are replaced with hyphen ().

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