Hide dashboard prompts/Section in OBIEE



There is a way to hide the dashboard prompts in OBIEE.

But, need to have a separate section containing this prompt.. that’s reason i made my article title as: prompt/Section 😉

Here is the way..

1. Edit Dashboard, go to Properties of Section > Format Section..

2. Expand Custom CSS Style Options (HTML Only) then select Use Custom CSS Style check box… and write the following code as shown:


It’s more effective then collapsible option..

And, you may ask what is the use of this. Because, when it’s not useful just get rid of it from dashboard.. 😉

But, i used it Here… I guess, now it has got credit. 😛



Kishore Guggilla.


About Kishore & Naresh

Hi.. This is a blog operated by Kishore and Naresh. We are colleagues and working as BI Developers. Here we want to share our ideas and researches here. We were the active members of OTN Forums and inspired with Venkat and John's blog. We may not reach to that level, but we brings up all our ideas and research work we done. All the views expressed here are our own and does not reflect the views of our employers. We need all your blessings and support to grow. Thanks

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      • Hi Kishore & Naresh,

        1. Would it be possible to provide ranking on graphs by department based on their actual sales?

        2. If ranking is possible, Would it be possible to sort the department vertical graph bars by ranking?

        If not possible, please provide me the the alternative solution?

        Thanks & regards
        Krishna Mohan

  1. Hi,
    When using this technique to hide a section, the section is hidden on a dashboard, but when Iam trying to save the dashboard page in PDF format, this section is visible. I don’t that section to be visible on my dashboard pdf format page also.

    Iam using

    • That i agree, since css format will not be applied to download option. Download will bring all contents placed on dashboard. Let me think of how can we fix this issue.. But good catch 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I am using obiee can u please suggest me a technique to hide prompt when we save our dashboard page in PDF format.

    Thanks ..:)

  3. HI,
    I have text object in a section and edited the properties of section. HAlignment: Center and VAlignment: Center but its not getting effected. VAlignment is not getting effeceted. Pls help

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