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Show/Pass Request Variable (Session) in section heading



Hope all of you know how to define/use Request variable from Dashboard prompt…

Recently i found one question on OTN.

Requirement is: Show/Pass selected value from drop-down in Dashboard Section heading..

This is quiet easy if prompt is defined with presentation variable, but problem here is: prompt is defined with Request Variable.

Problem with Request Variable is:

Usually, Request variable is session variable defined in rpd and will be override with selected prompt value in front end. Real problem here is: regardless of selected value from the dashboard prompt, it always shows the default value of session variable initialized while creating the variable…

And, this is the way we pass session variable in Section Heading..


Work Around is:

I assume Request variable is: var_PVar.

Here are the steps involved to achieve it.

1. Create another prompt with same functionality of main prompt

2. But, this time assign a presentation variable to the prompt, say: var_P.

Note: This prompt should be added to separate Section in Edit Dashboard..

3. Now, call presentation variable directly into Section Heading as shown..

4. Now, hide newly created prompt. Here is the way to hide the prompt..

Hope it’s clear.. 🙂


Kishore Guggilla.