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“The object *** is not available for query by any user due to permission setup” issue in OBIEE 11g, Presentation Layer object permission issue in 11g


Hi All,

I found a common issue in OBIEE 11g while consistency check, all presentation objects are set with no access permissions initially, if rpd is created newly in 11g.

We can go ahead for each object properties then change it’s permissions to Read, but this is manual and time consuming process.

I’ve a tip for this, but may have better & proper solution than this. I’ll definitely get back if I found as such, till the time we can use this as temporary solution which has no issues..


1.       Copy (Ctrl + C) entire Subject Area from presentation layer to any editor, which is UDML content..


2.       Now, find this text: PRIVILEGES ( NONE)

3.       Replace above text with: PRIVILEGES ( READ)

4.       Now, Copy entire content then paste it back to presentation layer.

Note: Above operation will override the existing subject area with permissions turned to be Read.

With the above approach in a single-shot we can suppress the consistency warnings related to permissions issue.



Kishore Guggilla