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Issue with “Act As (Proxy)” feature, not showing drop-down but a field


Hi everybody after long time.,

Long back i implemented “Act As”(proxy) in OBIEE 10g.

Since these days it was working fine and able to see list of users in drop-down of Act As.

Suddenly, it stopped me showing users but provision to enter username in a field(editbox).

I’ve to enter usrenames manually in editbox rather selecting from drop-down.

For sure this is an issue.

After having couple of trails towards issue i found that this is because of MaxValues configurations in instanceconfig.xml

While configuring instanceconfig during Act As implementation we add following tags to isntanceconfig


I set MaxValues to 500 and now target user list for proxy are exceeded 500(queried against database table storing information about proxy, target user info).

So, i found that this issue we will face when list of users are exceeded then the configured values.

Solution is: increase the number for MaxValues


Kishore Guggilla