Issue with “Act As (Proxy)” feature, not showing drop-down but a field


Hi everybody after long time.,

Long back i implemented “Act As”(proxy) in OBIEE 10g.

Since these days it was working fine and able to see list of users in drop-down of Act As.

Suddenly, it stopped me showing users but provision to enter username in a field(editbox).

I’ve to enter usrenames manually in editbox rather selecting from drop-down.

For sure this is an issue.

After having couple of trails towards issue i found that this is because of MaxValues configurations in instanceconfig.xml

While configuring instanceconfig during Act As implementation we add following tags to isntanceconfig


I set MaxValues to 500 and now target user list for proxy are exceeded 500(queried against database table storing information about proxy, target user info).

So, i found that this issue we will face when list of users are exceeded then the configured values.

Solution is: increase the number for MaxValues


Kishore Guggilla


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  1. Nice post.

    To avoid this problem what i did was, I have created a write back utility on act as table, which ever user you want to impersonate update or insert with that user and you are done. Avoided all ETL around this table.

    Srinivas Malyala

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