11g: Connection pool is not available in initialization block




Today i had issue that: Connection Pools are not being shown in browse list of initialization block.


I’ve imported some sources to rpd and trying to create session initialization block which will use the new imported schema to query. Unfortunately i’m unable to see the connection pool list that these new imported db is holding.


But it’s visible in Repository initialization block.


Anyways, this is happening because, by default the first connection pool specific to each db will not be shown in browse list.


Here is note from help document:

By default, the first connection pool under the database object in the Physical layer is not available for selection. This behavior ensures that you cannot use the same connection pool for initialization blocks that you use for queries.

So make sure that every time you import new connection, you’ve duplicated connection pool dedicated to use in initialization block.



Kishore Guggilla


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  1. Good stuff!
    One way around this requirement is to switch off the option in Tools -> Options “Allow First Connection Pool for Init blocks”..
    Ofcourse, use at your own peril!

    Ram Chaitanya

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