Creating Database in TimesTen of Exalytics


Hi Users,

As all of we know that Exalytics use TimesTen database.

Today we learn how to create new database in TimesTen

In Exalytics, edit your sys.odbc.ini file.

Declare & define dsn with parameters required. Let’s we’ve defined dsn as TT_Test

Connect to Exalytics through putty

Enter into sql command prompt by issuing ./ttisql command

Issue this command after connecting to sql command prompt.

Connect “dsn=TT_Test”;

Let’s understand this command, while issuing connect command to TimesTen, what it’ll do is: It checks any database existed with name TT_Test. If not exists, it create new database in TimesTen, if existed it loads the data into Memory.

You’ll see message: It’s successfully connected/created.

If you want to use this database to crate aggregates from summary advisor, we need to create a schema in this.

So, issue this command:

>create user test_user identified by test_user;

>grant admin to test_user;

Now, schema is created with test_user name and can be used in rpd to make it available for summary advisor as target db.

Hope we’re clear on how to create database in TimesTen of Exalytics.


Kishore Guggilla


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