OBIEE 12c Installation on windows 8




obiee 12c ( installation is success in my windows 8 version (note it is not oracle recommended but for practice purpose i tried and able to install)

Generalizing the process of installation …


  1. 64 bit OS is must
  2. Loopback adapter settings..
  3. Make sure you unzip the downloaded setup files in the same machine where you’re intended to install obiee. I saw few issues when extracted file is brought from 2008 r2 to win8.
  4. Decide user with whom you’re proceeding with installations and ensure oraInventory access.
  5. Windows firewall set to Off
  6. JDK 1.8.0_51+
  7. oracle database;;

For more information on certification matrix on oracle fusion middleware certification, click here

Installation Steps:

  • Install Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure (no configuring domain for infrastructure)
  • Install obiee
  • Set BI_PRODUCT_HOME env variable for ex: C:\oracle\product\Middleware\Oracle_Home\bi
  • Configure obiee standard topology using 12c configuration assistant(you can alternatively run rcu part of <ORACLE_HOME>/oracle_common/bin to create schema required then sue configuration assistant to configure obiee)

Follow oracle documentation on installation & configuration here

i could not install obiee 12c ( on windows 2008 r2 and the same success with windows 8

Note: Oracle certifies only 2012 r2 for obiee 12c





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  1. Hi Kishore and Naresh,

    I have been intending to install 12c on Windows 8 and havent had any luck so far. From your post it seems like you have been able to install successfully. Would you be able to share the step by step details to help others who are trying to do the same.

    Many thanks

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