Hi.. This blog is operated by Kishore Guggilla and Naresh Meda. We are colleagues and working as BI Developers. Here we would like to share our ideas and research works. We are the active members of OTN Forums and inspired with Venkat and John’s blog. We may not reach to that level, but we brings up all our ideas and research works we done. All the views expressed here are our own and does not reflect the views of our employers. We need all your blessings and support to grow. Thanks


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  1. yes ,,,,,,,the informatin is very helpful
    good luck for the bright future…….

    and i have also kept some of your ideas on my blogs with the mention that i got this from you souce and the link to your website too……..


  2. Kishore Guggilla and Naresh Meda,

    All the Best…

    Sathyan Malugulu

    • i suggest you to use OBIEE Forums(http://forums.oracle.com/forums/forum.jspa?forumID=378) rather this blog.. It’s restricted and may get answers from me or my blog mate. If that’s forums, you may get fast & absolute response from lot many users… 🙂

      No problem for me even if you ask here.. as you commented now, you can ask question there itself… I’ll try my level best to answer your question..

      Kishore Guggilla.

    • This is private blog operating by naresh and me… what do you mean by joining of blog exactly? what do you want to do? 🙂

  3. Hello,
    I have a question on 11g. When I download the report from dashboard in excel, the formatting is gone. In 10g we did not had that issue. You guys are guru on 11g, any idea?



  4. Hey guys

    i am new to OBIEE 11g
    sorry for posting this here but i could not find emails

    i am trying to practice on it using OBIEE Activity guide . In this guide you will notice that all the practices going about a schema called Supplier2

    where can i find this schema ,, can you help plzzz

    Many thanks

  5. I have downloaded oracle 11g and my repositories are not showing in the regular .rpd format ( usual red icon). I have the RPD saved on my C/ Drive and this is the path to the repository,C/>middleware>instances>instance1>Bifoundation>OracleBIservercomponent>coreapplication_obis1>repository. because of that issue I cannot upload the rpd in the presentation services.

  6. Hi Guys,

    I just started learning this course and think your blog will be really helpful for the beginners. Your work is much appreciated and all the best. Please add me to this blog.

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