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BI Publisher Desktop Not Showing Add-in / BI Publisher Installation Issue “Please make sure JRE version 1.6 or later is installed”


Hello There,

Recently i was facing issue with BI Publisher Desktop tool. I am not able to see the add-in in MS word.

Also sometimes i could not proceed with the installation says: “Please make sure JRE version 1.6 or later is installed” though i had 1.6 later or later versions.

It happened when machine is: Windows 7 – 64 bit; but MS Office & client tool ( of 32 bit.

Follow Oracle Doc: 1464328.1 has fix for it.

Complete the following steps:

  1. Download the offline installer for Java from this page:

    Make sure to download both Windows Offline (32-bit) and Windows Offline (64-bit).

  2. In Windows, go to the Control Panel –> Programs and Features.
  3. From the list of installed programs, uninstall all Java / JDK programs from your PC (both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  4. Reboot the PC
  5. Install the Java Windows Offline (32-bit)
  6. Install the Java Windows Offline (64-bit)
  7. Reboot the PC
  8. Install Oracle BI Publisher Desktop


Kishore Guggilla


OBIEE 11g Issues with Chrome 30


Hi All,

After long time, got some time to blogging.

Recently i experienced a issue with chrome after it got auto-upgraded to 30.

OBIEE 11g is behaving weirdly and showing some pop-ups listed below. And, not able to open report in edit mode…etc.

Cannot call method ‘replace’ of null”

Cannot read property ‘TimeZoneId’ of null“,

cannot read property ‘itemsinfos’ of null.”,

Page XX.XXX.XXX.XX:9704 description: 
ReportPageEditor.prototype.load expecting 
<saw:report>, receive <null>”

Apart from these, other issues:

you can no longer open the list of web catalog, nor are you able to select the list of  subject areas.

Dashboard prompts list is not available..etc


Cause: Content-Type’ post header is not set correctly for Chrome v30.



This is fixed in OBIEE and later versions.

Download and apply patch 16068402 for OBIEE

For OBIEE, as these version no longer have error correction support, either upgrade to OBIEE or,

For all versions of OBIEE, the work-around is to use Chrome with a version lower than 30 or another browser, such as Internet Explorer or FireFox


Ref: 1590991.1 from MOS



Kishore Guggilla

OBIEE 11g: Changing Timer / Search Results Image while report running/rendering


Hi All,

Today, i had a requirement where customer wants to change the search image/timer when report is running..

Thanks to Kaushik Katrapati & Shareen(My Team-mates) who has shared his basic idea on this.. and it’s working.

By default, obiee will show the timer image when report is rendering..


We need to replace the .GIF image which you want to substitute/replace the original image.

Better take backup of the existing .GIF image. New image name has to be changed to: searching.GIF


Following are the places where new image file has to placed..


BTW, obiee is the version available for me to test this. Hope same for but not tested..
Kishore Guggilla

OBIEE 11g: Do not have the correct permissions to perform MUD operations


I placed rpd in other machine and shared the folder for MUD environment to be configured.

I get this error while i’m attempting to check out projects.

This is happened because you’ve read permissions on shared directory where your master copy is kept.

Change permissions to Read/Write


Kishore Guggilla

“The object *** is not available for query by any user due to permission setup” issue in OBIEE 11g, Presentation Layer object permission issue in 11g


Hi All,

I found a common issue in OBIEE 11g while consistency check, all presentation objects are set with no access permissions initially, if rpd is created newly in 11g.

We can go ahead for each object properties then change it’s permissions to Read, but this is manual and time consuming process.

I’ve a tip for this, but may have better & proper solution than this. I’ll definitely get back if I found as such, till the time we can use this as temporary solution which has no issues..


1.       Copy (Ctrl + C) entire Subject Area from presentation layer to any editor, which is UDML content..


2.       Now, find this text: PRIVILEGES ( NONE)

3.       Replace above text with: PRIVILEGES ( READ)

4.       Now, Copy entire content then paste it back to presentation layer.

Note: Above operation will override the existing subject area with permissions turned to be Read.

With the above approach in a single-shot we can suppress the consistency warnings related to permissions issue.



Kishore Guggilla